NEW! Introducing Dinner for 2 and a Special Event

2016 was spent listening intently to members, as well as potential members, explain to us what they expected from Dinner For 8. Although we have successfully arranged and executed plenty of dinners for 8, 6 or whatever the number, the biggest request, the consistently asked question was can I make it more intimate with a Dinner for 2? So for 2017, you asked and we served!

While 8's and 6's are perfect round numbers, and ideal for ultimate socialization, some members, as well as the still-deciding non-members, prefer that one-on-one experience. Voila! Dinner for 2 is now the hot option on the Dinner for 8 menu, since we customize the perfect setting with the perfect dining experience based on your needs.

In fact, to celebrate the launch of Dinner for 2, we are offering two extra dinners if you sign up now through February 14. After all, you never know who you might meet sitting next to you in your dinner seat. So help us celebrate Dinner for 2 on February 14 by joining us at the Allegheny Inn for Love Bites and a Tuesday Toast!

You never know who you might meet...

sitting next to you in your dinner seat!

What is Dinner for 8?

More than anything else, Dinner for 8 is a great way to meet new people! This innovative service provides low-key, low-pressure social events to help cultivate personal relationships in small group settings. Dinner for 8 matches age-appropriate groups with authentic in-person introductions, romantic possibilities and endless new friendships in a setting that is familiar and comfortable for all - dinner! It’s also a great way to learn about many of the region’s new restaurants and experience Pittsburgh’s local cuisine.


Dinner for 8 is a membership service designed for like-minded people who are serious about expanding their network and meeting quality people. For less time, money and energy than what an online dating membership provides, you will exponentially meet dozens more people who are also committed to the process of enhancing their social circles – all in a relaxed, natural setting.

Don’t eat dinner alone – with "Dinner for 8" the possibilities are endless!

Collectively, we have over 40 years of experience

working professionally with singles in all stages of life.

How It Works

  • Developed for single, divorced and widowed individuals who are seriously interested in enhancing their social network, Dinner for 8 uses an old fashioned "hands-on approach" to matching compatible individuals in a comfortable small group setting. No impersonal computers algorithms – just an honest personalized methodology that fosters fun and compatibility.
  • Each new member registers by completing an application and personal profile that will provide a basis of information from which compatible dinner groups will be formed.
  • Each dinner group is matched age-appropriately and in accordance to your personal profile and preferences.
  • Your membership includes a guaranteed number of dinner engagements per the membership tier of your choosing. Each dinner event begins with a complimentary pre-dinner "meet & greet" accompanied with appetizers and a cocktail, hosted by the Dinner for 8 staff. Membership also entitles you to exclusive admission into our offering of social events that will feature some of the Pittsburgh area's most dynamic entertainment and recreational venues.
  • The staff at Dinner for 8 take the burden of the online dating process off your “dinner plate”:
    • No longer do you have to spend countless hours perusing profile after profile, sending “winks” and “pokes” trying to find someone with whom you might be compatible.
    • No longer will you have to spend weeks emailing and texting with someone before deciding if and where to meet.
    • No longer will you agonize over the “blind” first date experience where the awkward hello and the uncomfortable search for conversation is all-consuming…not to mention the equally awkward paying of the bill and end-of-evening goodbye.
  • Dinner for 8 streamlines the process of trying to meet someone special and simplifies it for you so that all you have to do is come to your dinner event, meet some new people and enjoy the evening.
    • We create each dinner group with your preferences in mind.
    • We match groups of people who have compatible needs and interests.
    • We provide a warm and welcoming “meet & greet” prior to each dinner to help break the ice.
    • We make all of the dinner arrangements for each and every group.
    • And, we host every event so that your arrival is easy and stress-free.
  • We are your Personal Concierge - After completing your online application and personal profile, a real person will be in touch with you to begin cultivating a personalized level of service. If you have questions before filling out your details just contact us. We are here for you, and we want to work together with you to create the most meaningful and enjoyable experience possible.